"I'm just going to write because I cannot help it."
Charlotte Brontë

Harri Foxx had everything she could wish for in her simple, yet perfect world.

Growing up in Manchester and settling with the love of her life was bliss.

However, life isn’t always kind, is it?

An untimely death and an ‘unspeakable event’ tipped Harri over the edge.

Her mind is now a tangle of mental torture.

Outside just isn’t safe anymore.
It wasn’t always like that.

Can Harri find her way to freedom?

She wants to tell her story in the form of a Diary.

It’s honest, raw, and heartbreaking.


I'm delighted to announce that The Diary Of Harri Foxx was awarded a 5-star review by Entrada Publishing.

Check it out here - http://www.entradapublishing.com/book_review/diary-of-harri-foxx.html


5.0 out of 5 stars The Diary of Harri Foxx.. some people you just can't  reach...
By Michelle Robinson Shealy on September 3, 2016
Format: Paperback

"The floor received my pounding from both fists. In my weakness, anger became my strength for a moment, and then I conceded. I lay in the fetal position, wishing to be anywhere else than this existence."....

Set in Manchester, England we open with a diary being written to us, the reader, by Harriet Foxx. She writes of her life, her love, and how she came to be agoraphobic. A person who never leaves her home.

She tells her story in memories of her past life, and her love, her late husband, Cyril. Stories of her good friend, Bobbie, and what life was like before she stopped leaving her home.
Herneighbors provide company, entertainment, secrets, and stories for her diary. She is in the care of mental health, who visit her regularly. Just Harri and her cat, Sapphire, living inside the confines of her home.

This contemporary fiction book was interesting,
heart breaking, and well written. I was patiently waiting to find out Harri's "unmentionable event," and what brought this women to this point in her life. Sad, as you realize
what a depressed state she is in and why.

Emotionally disturbing at times. It will settle under your skin if you've ever suffered a traumatic event, and or depression. Haunting.

5.0 out of 5 starsHarri Foxx will remain in my heart and mind for a long time!
Marcee Corn on September 3, 2016
Format: Paperback

So sad, so soulful, so desperate.

Sometimes, life hands us circumstances that are out of our control. So is the life of Harri Foxx in the Diary of Harri Foxx by Sue Lloyd.

a terrible tragedy strikes, Harri retreats into her mind and travels into her private world where the only person she allows in is the reader. She permits us access into her intimate thoughts through the words of her heartfelt and very personal diary.

Harri watches the world go by from behind her curtains. And from there the reader meets her caring and loving 
neighbors and friends.

I was desperate to help Harri and my heart hurt for her. I wanted to be her friend. Which is impossible of 
course. But because Sue Lloyd beautifully encapsulates the thoughts and mind of this tormented woman in the pages of this soulful book, you really feel that you know her. And because this story is so well written by the author, I became totally amerced and could not put this incredible book down.

This book is at times funny, but overwhelming sad. I laughed and I cried. Sue Lloyd gives us an insightful, true-life 
story of love and tragedy. I can’t imagine how very difficult Harri’s story was to write, but Ms. Lloyd does so beautifully and with such heart.

We all want ‘happy ever after’ endings in books and in life. Sometimes though, that doesn’t happen. Are we stronger people for experiencing some unhappy endings? I believe so.

Harri Foxx will remain in my mind and heart for a long time to come as it finds its home on my shelf of ‘favorites’. I hope you will read and experience Harri Foxx because this is a story that needs to be felt as well as read.

4.0 out of 5 stars Interesting description of a character
By Renee Spicuzza on September 7, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition

Sue Lloyd’s, “The Diary of Harri Foxx,” is the novel that you think will be where Harri is the perfect girl with the perfect life and you will love to hate her, but that changes quickly as you read the diary. The diary is written with slang and a very noticeable accent, which I think gives her personality more authenticity.
At first she is charismatic, but her mind soon becomes a prison and you can feel the mental anguish that she is experiencing, which is pretty impressive, in my opinion. Being in a diary format makes the book pretty easy to follow because it is almost like a stream of consciousness. I think Lloyd wrote it well for the personality she meant to create and made sure to show the transition of Harri’s life and mental state. I enjoyed the diary and appreciate the effort that went in to creating such a complex character.

5.0 out of 5 stars Well written, witty, terribly sad - and unforgettable!
By Sheri McInnis on September 2, 2016
Format: Paperback

Sue Lloyd’s third novel, The Diary of Harri Foxx, moves from comedy 
to tragedy in a way that builds so deceptively, I’ve never read anything like it before.

It begins with Harri (Harriett) Foxx introducing herself to the reader in the pages of her diary. The voice is immediately charming and original – very British and working class.

Harri tells us she lives in a council house, at 1 Bluebell Road. We hear about the 
, how she met her dear husband Cyril at the Manchester Arms, and how their romance unfolded. Lloyd has a wonderful way of bringing realism to her characters through details and specificity, and her dialogue is spot on.

But Harri is not just any middle-aged woman sharing her story: she confesses she’s agoraphobic. She’s afraid to leave her house. “Through the window, over there, outside, is where the bad stuff happens.” Something terrible has happened to Harri. An ‘unmentionable event.’ The mystery begins to unfold.

We start getting introduced to a staggering assortment of characters, each one of them unique and memorable. Her best friend Bobbie, her ‘curtain-twitching neighbour’ Cathy, her 
hair dresser and the changing
members of the mental health team who assess her – even her cat. The novel often seems comical, the cast quirky. But still, there’s this building darkness.

What happened to Harri?

Because she seemed stubborn at first, if vulnerable – but she’s quickly declining. “If you could touch darkness, it would feel cold and hard, much like the last few weeks, months, and years of my life. Now and then, moments of light have come when my angels gather in to share their bounty.”

As her friends and 
neighbors come and go, everyone trying to help her, you feel Harri’s insistence on isolating herself. Again, the question resounds: What happened to Harri Foxx?

When that question is finally answered in the later entries of the book, it’s literally one of the saddest and most terrifying sequences I’ve ever read. I haven’t been able to forget it. But it’s only part of the depth 
to this book. From hilarious scenes where neighbors argue over dented cars, to this ‘unmentionable event,’ Harri’s diary is well written, witty, terribly sad - and unforgettable.

5.0 out of 5 stars man it’s just amazing how you can relate and even feel bad for ...
By Julius Zon August 25, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition

To feel the pain of a character that you know it doesn’t exist, it takes a lot. The journey and struggles of Harri during this book are hard to read, but even when you know that this is fiction, man it’s just amazing how you can relate and even feel bad for a character and desperately want to help her.
This is the kind of book you don’t need to read reviews first, don’t think twice about buying it, do it and start reading, it is something really especial. Harri is just the kind of character who doesn’t deserve anything bad, but bad things happen to good people all the time, but she just 
keep coming back and nothing will stop her to find her happiness again.

5.0 out of 5 stars Great read!
By Blossom on August 8, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition

This book brings to light how quickly mental illness can spiral. I loved the sense of community, showing how good neighbors and friends can be and getting to read it through the perspective of a diary.

5.0 out of 5 stars Touching book from a fantastic author
By R.
Hinkel on August 1, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition

What matters to me the most when I read a book is that it touches me and makes me feel something. Harri Foxx grew on me right on the first page. A lovely, lovable and torn character. So is the rest of her beautiful limited world. I often wanted to crawl inside the book, hug her or shake her and just make her feel better. It's not an easy read, but wonderful and full of heart, soul & warmth on every page. Definitely a must!

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  1. https://readersfavorite.com/book-review/delsey-prodigal
    Delsey Prodigal
    Do you like compelling accounts of life with realistic characters? Do you seek out characters who will draw you in and take you on their journey while challenging you along the way? Delsey Prodigal is poignant story, which has been awarded a very worthy 5-star review by Readers' Favourite. Be transported into Tom Bardsley's world and share his highs, lows, laughter and tears as he carves out an earthy and often selfishly dangerous path for himself. Tom lives in boring old Delsey as have generations of his family before him. He is the only child of Frank and Maggie, who own the local grocery store which serves the little village he calls home. The Bardsleys fully intend to hand over the family business to their son one day, but he has other ideas. As he reaches his teens Tom, who has a good head on his shoulders, decides to break free and move away to study. He aspires to be a lawyer and sets off on his journey of exploration. Threaded throughout the tale are a host of colourful characters who influence Tom’s initiation into the adult world. Within a short space of time, he forgets his roots and embraces his new life. Franks path through life is trepidatious following some devastating news. We gain detailed vicarious insight into the horrors of living in a body which has become the enemy. The two accounts weave together throughout the often brutally honest pages and culminate in a sequence of events which cause Tom’s life to spiral out of control. With a solid grounding and a little help from a few good folk, we find out if he can redeem himself.
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The Birth Of A Writer - 22nd July 2016

Just Sayin..

So, where did all this writing lark start I hear you ask?

Indulge me if you will, and I'll dig into the old grey matter and explain.

It was during the mid-1990's that I had the wild notion of starting to write a book. You know, 'the one we all have in us.'

My giant computer sat in front of me with a blank word document, and I experienced 'write fright.' Yes, I made that condition up.
I didn't have a clue where to start but knew I wanted to write a story with good honest Northern folk as my main characters. Being an avid observer of people made that part easy.

Life's been tough, but somewhere in between, there's always been the comedians who make each day worthwhile.

So I started to tap away on my keyboard with the view, "I'll see where this takes me."

In those days, and with my lack of ambition there was not a thought that I'd ever finish this novel titled 'Small Town Prodigal.'
I just wanted to write something, and I did.
I saved the fifty or so pages on a floppy disc; remember those?
I've attached a picture for those of you who are not as ancient as me.
Skip on twenty years - I'm allowed to do that in a blog and not as offensive as in a book :-)

Life has changed an awful lot. Two marriages, two divorces and four children to be exact. Love found me again, and my partner, Grahame and I relocated from the UK to Germany during the summer of 2015. He encouraged me to dig out that old floppy and finish that book I kept mentioning.

I didn't know which one of the million storage boxes it would be in but found it eventually. Now there's a problem; it's a floppy disc!
How do I convert that into something I can use?
A quick Amazon search and £6.00 later I received a gadget that made my old ramblings come to life. Eureka!

I picked up where I left off all those years ago and wrote like a demon possessed. The title and some characters names got changed, and Delsey Prodigal was born.

Being a new writer and not knowing if my book was any good I searched for a review from someone who wouldn't 'flatter' my attempt at creating my first novel.

I chose www.readers'favorite.com and uploaded my PDF with some trepidation.

Within two weeks I received a text to say my review was ready.

This is the part where I get goosebumps and overly giggly.

The reviewer awarded me five stars!
Sue Lloyd!

It's the beginning of an incredible path to explore for me as a newbie indie writer.

Book three is almost ready to be released, and I look forward to being able to share my words in the very near future.

August 29th update - The Diary Of Harri Foxx is now available to purchase  - getbookat.TDOHF-SL
Delsey Prodigal is definitely one of the most touching stories I have read this year. As the year is drawing to a close, I am coming across novels and stories that make me reflect on my life and imagine how these characters would be if they were real. Sue Lloyd created three very relatable and real characters in this novel. You can feel their pain, their confusion, and their will to survive. This is truly a phenomenal novel.

Reviewed by Rabia Tanveer for Readers' Favorite


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'An Honest Emotional Journey'

Firstly, I think that a disclaimer is in order. If any readers are expecting Delsey Prodigal to be like Lloyd's other novel, Cassie's Hope, they will be in for a shock. Where Cassie was an innocent, youthful read, Delsey is geared much more towards adults. There are sexual themes throughout, so it is not advised that young readers of Cassie's Hope attempt this novel.
However, Delsey Prodigal was a very good read. It was very emotional at times, tackling heavy topics like cancer, loss of a child, and other such dilemmas. There were times when I had to set the book down for a bit, because some of these issues hit very close to home in a personal way. I will say, though, that Lloyd's approach to these subjects was a very honest one. In her writing, she lays these topics all out on the table, to be explored thoroughly in the emotional state that they deserve. Nothing is sugar coated, and while some may see that as a bad thing, I find it oddly refreshing. It is written as "This is how it is, how it really is, but okay, now we're going to talk about it. We're going to go deep into this and figure it out together." In some ways, it was almost an odd sort of therapy.
Delsey is an emotional journey, to say the least. I shed tears a few times over this fictitious family and their sad plights. In some ways, I felt that they mirrored my own family and experiences. Sue Lloyd is such a captivating writer for this reason; that she writes in such a bare, exposed way that makes her stories so relatable. I will most definitely be looking out for more of her work in the future.
'A Powerful Story of Failure and Redemption'

This is an excellent study of character. How does a moral, well brought up young man fall into a life of drugs and gambling? Ms. Lloyd has you walk in her character's shoes for the duration of the story and you can see how easily it all happens. In a way this is a coming of age book or should I say a coming 'into enlightenment' book. A fine read with well developed characters and a well researched plot. (I was given this book for an unbiased review.)
Review of Delsey Prodigal

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good story about the power of redemption. It has been said before that sometimes one must lose himself to find himself, and that certainly rings true of the main character, Tom. He is determined to have the life he thinks he wants and deserves, but due to changing circumstances, the pendulum begins to swing in the opposite direction, leaving Tom to reexamine his life.
The character development in Delsey Prodigal is well done! Kudos to the author for a wonderful job! As I read, I found myself smiling during the good times and tearing up at the sad times. I really enjoy it when an author is able to develop their characters well enough for me to empathize with them, but at the same time, not drag the storyline to build the identities of the characters. Delsey Prodigal is a fine example of this balance. Happy reading!


'A Story You Can Truly Get Into, And Characters You'll Fall In Love With!'

From the cancer battling older sister - to the hard-working, loving, sacrificing parents - to the lovable little sister, the Larimer family will draw you in. With a whole cast of lovable supportive characters, and a delightful storyline, the author is able to build off of real life issues, such as animal testing, and severe illness, in a most natural way. As a dog lover, you will know about that special bond that happens when you look deeply into a pup's eyes; the author does a great job with her imagery, and you'll be wanting a Hope of your own. Also, especially touching to me at points was the father-daughter relationship, unique to those who have worked so far from home for weeks at a time; I could relate to many facets of this family.
I typically have a hard time with finding a book that I can get into because of the tendency to sacrifice plot to make some big to-do over a romance, but not here! While there is a romance between the reporter and another character, it's nothing that put me off as a big fan of strong plots and innocent, genuine love.
One thing I did have to figure out was, despite the setting being in America, there were a lot of phrases, measurements, and idioms used that are unique to British English - but in the end, it just added to the charm of the characters, and so the charm of the book.
As someone who's worked with teenage girls with an appreciation for reading for over a decade, this is a book I could whole-heartedly recommend to any of my girls. It's the kind of book I'll put on a list for my own children to read in time. It's the kind of book I personally look for as an adult woman - it's real, it's honest, it's entertaining, and the characters are completely lovable and deeply inspiring.
I will be following this author!
' If you have enjoyed reading a book please take the time to review it.'

Keep authors on the pulse of what makes a good story.



A heart-warming tale with a serious message

Although officially pitched at young adults, this book has a controversial storyline. It is about animal testing in research labs and about the lives of those animals, who live only to serve as they trial new drugs for use on humans. I abhor animal testing but this book made me face the dilemma – what would I do if my child was dying and needed a safe drug, would I then agree to that drug being tested on animals?

What comes out of this story is that the animals themselves must be treated with compassion and when their useful lives as a drug testers come to an end they should have a chance at a normal life. Why must they be euthanised? Why can they not be rehomed? I was pleased to read that there do exist animal charities that make this idea a reality, taking over the headache of re-homing the animals from the personnel at the research labs, who cannot become attached to the animals.
Two love stories in one . . .

What a lovely story! Though the book is definitely YA approved, I am far far past my YA years and thoroughly enjoyed it.

There are two overlapping love stories. In the first love story, a young cancer patient instantly falls in love with a "research" dog and decides that it is her mission to rescue it from certain death. The second love story is the jaded reporter who has been "eyeing" and dreaming about the wrong guy. She needs a "nice" guy to help take off the pink glasses she was seeing Mr. Wrong through.

The story was also eye opening to me ... someone who had never though past the mice and rats used in testing labs. A very considered approach to the morals and ethics concerned with medical testing.

In all, I quite enjoyed it and will be getting Sue Lloyd's other book to see what else she has written. 

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